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Fly Fishing

Bass season ’tis

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Well, it’s officially bass season in my book.

I’ve been heading out to some local lakes in Western Washington over the past two weeks in search of bass. Mostly Fazon, and Lake Terrell.

fly fishing bass bunny leech

This big largemouth bass took a bunny leech that was intruding on it's territory. What a fight.

My plastic worms, rigged weightless on one rod have been sitting in the boat more often than not on these trips. The last two times I’ve been out I strung my fly rod and brought it along. The first, my six weight rod and the last trip my eight weight. Turns out, the fly rod has been getting more play lately than the gear rod and plastic worms.

I am ever so glad that I had my eight weight with me today and not my six.

Most of the fish have been small, except for a real nice bass I took on my fly rod today. I saw the fish moving in among a patch of grass, positioned the boat just right, and cast my big black bunny leech up on top of the fish.  For once, it all worked out as planned and a few moments later a very nice bass was to hand.

Turns out the Crappie like my bunny leech too. Who woulda thought…

crappie fly fishing

Crappie caught on a big 'ol black bunny leech while targeting largemouth bass.

Bass fly fishing

Glad I decided to fish my eight weight today and not my 5/6. Pulling this bass out of the grass would have been a chore on the lighter rod...

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