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Northwest Washington Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing Encounter

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Since I had the day off from my 9-5’er today, it was decided that it would be a good idea to take the drive out to a local river and swing flies for summer steelhead. Fortunately for me, the stars were aligned and everything seemed to come together just right.

Water levels are still high, even though it’s far past the usual time for flows to start dropping. This cool spring and deep snowpack in the mountains has been causing havoc on all the rivers nearby.  With just enough color to the water to make it look good for steelheading, I started off the day swinging my take on a Howell Prom Dress.  I’ve posted about this fly before, and while some purist fly anglers might call it a lure, I prefer to call it a damn effective fly.

The first fish of the day was the steelheads little brother, who crushed my fly, even though the fish was only marginally larger than the fly itself. The rest of the run proved unproductive so I decided to explore downstream, braving the slick mossy rocks. After hiking up and down the river for about an hour, I switched fuschia Prom Dress and made my way back to the first run I fished, and promptly hooked up to a nice chrome steelhead.  After a brief, but spirited, battle I tailed a nice chrome steelhead and quickly snapped a couple pictures before releasing it back into the river.

Conclusion: One native steelhead swimming back upstream and one content angler sitting on the river bank.


Summer Steel!


Northwest summer steelhead before the release


Steelheads little brother

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3 Responses to “Northwest Washington Summer Steelhead Fly Fishing Encounter”

  1. Damn nice fish my friend. Glad one of us finally got a steely on a fly!

    Posted by Sam | 07/24/2011, 6:00 pm


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