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Twitching jigs for Pink salmon on the Skagit river

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Twitching jigs is an extremely fun, and highly effective, method for catching Pink salmon as well as Coho, or Silver, salmon.

Pink salmon, sometimes referred to as humpies, or humpy salmon because of the large hump that forms on the spawning male, will readily take a twitched jig if presented in front of them.  The up and down twitching motion, combined with the flowing pulsing materials often used in jigs make them irresistible to the Pink salmon.

On Saturday, August 6th, we fished the Skagit river below Mt. Vernon for a few hours in the afternoon. The water level remains high for this time of year, but the structure is there and so are the fish. Using lightweight, 9 foot, slow action rods matched with spinning reels for twitching jigs, my wife Tara and I had some great fishing action.

We kept a few for the smoker, and released the rest to continue their journey upstream. A few of them still had sea lice on them!


pink salmon twitching jigs



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