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Fly fishing for Stripers (aka Striped bass or Rockfish) in the Chesapeake Bay

Well, I was on the East Coast, in Maryland, a week and a half ago and had the opportunity to go out fly fishing on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with my uncle for Rockfish (we know them as Stripers or striped bass on the West coast).

One searun cutthroat, three bullheads, and a gray seagull

I was out at one of my favorite puget sound beaches on Thursday evening, enjoying the searun cutthroat, and coho that were actively feeding on baitfish in the tidal rip when I had another first experience while fishing.

Fly fishing the Skagit River for Pink salmon ; fishing for humpies part 2

Fly fishing the Skagit River for Pink salmon ; fishing for humpies part 2

Saltwater beaches fly fishing photos

Photos of a beach coho, or silver salmon caught fly fishing puget sound.

Steelhead Fly shirt from Anglers Fishing Shirts

A new shirt is available now with a steelhead graphic. Check out this fishing inspired t-shirt from Anglers Fishing Shirts…

5 things to avoid when fly fishing Rocky Ford Creek

We pulled into the upper WDFW access point of Rocky Ford Creek just after 9pm on Friday evening. The fishing area starts just below the hatchery, and we were going to check it out at last light before heading downstream to find a camping spot at one of the lower access points….

Bass season ’tis

Well, it’s officially bass season in my book. I’ve been heading out to some local lakes in Western Washington over the past two weeks in search of bass. Mostly Fazon, and Lake Terrell.

Planning an Olympic Peninsula Steelhead fishing trip!

My wife and I are planning a trip to Forks for a weekend of Steelhead fishing! Well, at least i’ll be fishing. Fortunately, she’s not much of a Twilight fan, so I don’t have to worry about going on any vampire sightseeing trips when I’m not busy fishing. Here is a picture of the guide […]