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DRYFT™ Fishing launches first line of Breathable Fishing Waders

Features, Style and Price Bellingham, WA – DRYFT Fishing is officially announcing the release of the first line of technical wading products; The DRYFT S13 Waders (http://dryftfishing.com/waders) that combine top performing features, incredible value and all new style. Performance Enhanced, Value Driven and Stylishly Designed Waders The DRYFT brand is a collision of Function and […]

Working on a new project; DRYFT Fishing Gear

On to the point. The main reason I’ve been neglecting to write is that I’ve been spending almost all of my free time working on a new Outdoor fishing gear startup. We’re calling it DRYFT.

Inherent Angler; I finally made up my mind…

I finally made up my mind, and decided to change the name of my blog. I think the name change will be good, for me at least, since I’ve never been satisfied with the “Total Angler” name that I have been using up to this point. In my mind at least, Total Angler can give […]

River Silvers and Chum salmon on the fly and jig

Early Saturday, fly fishing was the name of the game, so I brought along my trusty St. Croix Imperial and a box full of my recently dubbed “Coho Thunder” flies. So far this season, the Coho Thunder has accounted for some nice coho, searun cutthroat, rainbows and dollies.

An October day of fishing for Nooksack river Coho salmon

An October day of fishing for Nooksack river Coho salmon as well as photos from the Nooksack river of hatchery silver salmon and scenery.

One searun cutthroat, three bullheads, and a gray seagull

I was out at one of my favorite puget sound beaches on Thursday evening, enjoying the searun cutthroat, and coho that were actively feeding on baitfish in the tidal rip when I had another first experience while fishing.

Twitching jigs for pink salmon: Video

Twitching jigs for pink salmon: A short video showing some highlights from our day on the Skagit River.

Twitching jigs for Pink salmon on the Skagit river

Twitching jigs is an extremely fun, and highly effective, method for catching Pink salmon as well as Coho, or Silver, salmon. The up and down twitching motion, combined with the flowing pulsing materials often used in jigs make them irresistible to the Pink salmon.

Steelhead Fly shirt from Anglers Fishing Shirts

A new shirt is available now with a steelhead graphic. Check out this fishing inspired t-shirt from Anglers Fishing Shirts…

Bass season ’tis

Well, it’s officially bass season in my book. I’ve been heading out to some local lakes in Western Washington over the past two weeks in search of bass. Mostly Fazon, and Lake Terrell.