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The Chum graveyard

When hiking along the river this weekend I stumbled upon a chum graveyard.

Fly fishing photos from recent trips. Chums and Bull trout photos.

This bright Chum hen engulfed my black and pink Prom Dress fly while swinging for steelhead. I think this photo turned out nicely…

Fly fishing for Chum salmon on a wet Washington river (pics)

I’ve been catching a few chums on flies recently, utilizing a 9wt spey rod to bully them in from the current. Every year in November, I really like getting out on the river and catching a few Chums.

River Silvers and Chum salmon on the fly and jig

Early Saturday, fly fishing was the name of the game, so I brought along my trusty St. Croix Imperial and a box full of my recently dubbed “Coho Thunder” flies. So far this season, the Coho Thunder has accounted for some nice coho, searun cutthroat, rainbows and dollies.

Chum Salmon on the Fly

On a cold Saturday in mid November, a day after the first snow of the season, my good friend Sam and I headed out to the upper reaches of one of our local rivers to look for salmon and trout with our fly rods. The idea was to first head to the river to try […]

Skagit Silvers elude us but Chums and Bull Trout save the day

Saturday, November 6th 2010. Silver salmon were the target for the day as we launched at first light on the mighty Skagit River. We’re nearing the end of the Coho season, but based on some good recent reports we were hoping to find some fresh fish still in the river. Luck was not on our side this day […]