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Betta “Czech Yourself” foo

And then checkout this cool hoodie from Promont Outdoors as well as their super sweet Montana shaped Fly Patches.  Promont Outdoors makes Lifestyle Wear & Innovative Gear for your Outdoor Pursuits. With a nice little lineup of softgoods aimed mostly at the fly fishing crowd Promont Outdoors has my attention.  The strong magnetic closure on the patch […]

Freezing guides and a brand new switch rod

The first 10 minutes were great. My new 7 weight St. Croix Imperial Switch cast very nicely, even though it was slightly mismatched with a 425 grain Skagit Flight and a reel that was way too big and heavy to balance properly…

Short video clip of a bull trout fly fishing catch and release

Here is a short video of the catch and release of a small bull trout from earlier this week. It’s actually been snowing in the mountains this week, so between that and the rivers blowing out from heavy rain the fishing has been a little slow lately.

Salmon flesh banquet for trout

Monday morning was spent hiking along the banks of my local river, searching for steelhead and trout. The river has been flooded recently with a deluge of salmon flesh, making light pink and peach dead drifted patterns a good option.

A bull trout kind of day

I had the opportunity to get out on the river this past Saturday, and took the granted opportunity to swing flies for steelhead on one of the local rivers near my home. There have been reports of steelhead trickling in, so I figured it would be good to get out and practice my casting for the day.

Fly fishing for Chum salmon on a wet Washington river (pics)

I’ve been catching a few chums on flies recently, utilizing a 9wt spey rod to bully them in from the current. Every year in November, I really like getting out on the river and catching a few Chums.

River Silvers and Chum salmon on the fly and jig

Early Saturday, fly fishing was the name of the game, so I brought along my trusty St. Croix Imperial and a box full of my recently dubbed “Coho Thunder” flies. So far this season, the Coho Thunder has accounted for some nice coho, searun cutthroat, rainbows and dollies.

It’s almost winter swingin’ time…

It’s getting cold outside, and it’s starting to remind me of winter swinging time. Really looking forward it…

Fly fishing for Tarpon in Puerto Rico

When I was in Puerto Rico last month, I had the opportunity to fish for a few minutes along one of the local beaches. Lucky for me, there was a school of small Tarpon hanging out along the beach in easy casting range. The following video shows me catching one of the small tarpon out […]

Fly fishing for Stripers (aka Striped bass or Rockfish) in the Chesapeake Bay

Well, I was on the East Coast, in Maryland, a week and a half ago and had the opportunity to go out fly fishing on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland with my uncle for Rockfish (we know them as Stripers or striped bass on the West coast).